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IMA Supplier Benchmarking Survey
Have you ever wondered how your company's financial performance compares to other suppliers? Now you can find out, while maintaining the confidentiality of your company's proprietary financial information.

IMA's Supplier Benchmarking Survey is:

  • Comprehensive

Benchmark your sales, profits and pricing with companies of similar size and product type (hard goods or soft goods)

  • Timely

Reports prepared twice yearly, at mid-year and year end

  • Confidential

The IMA Supplier Benchmarking Survey is the industry's only guaranteed confidential benchmarking process. A third party CPA firm will provide you with a confidentiality agreement, and all surveys are returned to the CPA firm. IMA receives the data only in aggregated form, with all company references removed.

Cost for 2 reports (mid-year and full-year) is $500

> Timeline for mid-year report
> Timeline for full-year report
> Mid-year survey questions

Business Review and Improvement
We can help you improve business operations, maximize profitability, and free-up key management personnel to maximize the amount of their time spent on value-added activities. Our process focuses on:

Corporate Organization
Reviewing business documents, policies and procedures

Strategic Planning
  • Outline the development of a comprehensive Business Plan, including:
    • Budgets
    • Business Objectives
    • Pricing and Positioning Goals
    • Marketing and Sales Strategies
    • Organizational Structure
    • Financial Planning
    • Profit and Growth Targets Operating Review

Operating Review
Review financial/operational information, including compensation strategies, and set clear, measurable goals.

Future Considerations
Review and revise owner exit strategy

Ask us for more information on how we can help your company to achieve higher profitability, improve operating efficiencies, and attract, retain, and develop key personnel.


Mergers & Acquisitions
Selling your company is much more than a business transaction; it is the means for achieving your personal and professional goals. We take the time to understand those goals and frankly communicate whether selling your company will help you meet those goals.

From creating a valuation to developing a list of prospective buyers, through negotiations and due diligence, we become more than a business broker – we become your business partner. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear; we tell you what you need to know. Contact us for more information about the process of finding the right buyer for your business, or for simply determining the value of your company.
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